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Simple Facts About Alexandria Opportunities Center

  • AOC is a day program that provides vocational services along with a work activity program designed to accommodate individual's needs who are primarily diagnosed with a developmental disability and/or mental illness.

  • AOC was established in 1989.  In 1991 AOC moved to a different location and in 2000 the new location added a new addition for more offices and work floor space.

  • AOC is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local business owners, leading citizens of our community and parents of adults attending our program.​​​

Basic Information About Us Here at Alexandria Opportunities Center (AOC)

Basic Information About Us Here at Alexandria Opportunities Center (AOC)

Staff Job Opportunities

We currently have 1 full time
job opening here at AOC: ​Job Coach 

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for our job posting.

  • AOC provides a variety of competitive work tasks from local companies available in a single environment.

  • Staff will support your search for a community job when you and your team determine this to be appropriate   for you and continue to support you at that site as needed.

  • We provides flexible working hours (available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to best suit your needs.

  • Alexandria Opportunities Center provides

​     the opportunity to establish appropriate

     friendships with peers, with support from

     staff to maintain these relationships.

  • We will provide transportation through

     our own vehicles or with contracted

     Rainbow Rider services.

  • AOC provides services for people with a variety of mental and physical disabilities.

  • We provide individual support, teaching, and training varied according to your individually identified tolerance levels, ranging form one-to-one interaction to generalized support.

  • Your wages are based on individual piece rate.  You are paid exactly for what you complete.​​​

  • Staff will work with you individually to attain your greatest level of independence.

Simple Facts About Alexandria Opportunities Center